This project provides different configurations of virtual images with a complete environment for Maemo applications programming and building. There are two different virtual images:
  • Virtual image with Ubuntu Server Intrepid installed - used as sandbox for building C/C++ applications and also other utilities for non-Linux host operation systems. It is used for ESbox Eclipse-based product to provide non-Linux host system programming for Maemo platform.
  • Virtual image with Ubuntu Desktop Intrepid installed - the same as previous one, but for non-Linux system usage (see Known Issues section).
If you more details about Maemo SDK VMs building, see requirements documentation.


User account
In order to access any Maemo SDK virtual image, you need to use default credentials:
  • login: maemo
  • password: maemo
Root user (root) is disabled. Then, if you want to become root you need to user sudo command.

Uncompressing the virtual image
We suggest you to use 7zip uncompressing tools. See this documentation for more instructions.

Installing virtualization tools
In order to use Maemo SDK virtual images, you need to install at least one of the virtualization tools: VMWare, QEMU or VirtualBox. You can check the following instructions to install them on you host environment.

Installing virtual images
Both images are compressed as zip files. In addition, other files are also attached: release notes, vmx (VMPlayer description file), README and copyright notices.

The virtual images execute properly on Debian-based distributions, MS Windows XP/Vista and also on Mac OS X.

You can use any VMWare product, QEMU or VirtualBox to run the machines. For more details, check instructions here.

To run the machine with QEMU, execute the following command:

(On Linux)
$ qemu -hda maemosdk_*_*.vmdk -L /usr/bin/qemu -m 512

(On Windows)
c:> qemu.exe -hda maemosdk_*_*.vmdk -L C:\QEMU\pc-bios -m 512

It is important to install KQEMU Accelerator to speed up virtual image execution.

VMWare products
If you want to use VMWare, you will need a *.vmx file (this file is already attached on virtual images zip files). To "play" the machine with VMWare, you can use VMPlayer graphical interface, for example.

VirtualBox does not contain the same mechanism to configure images as VMWare does (based on .vmx files). Therefore, you need to create a virtual machine configuration.

If you want to manually create a VirtualBox machine, see instructions here.

Maemo SDK VM project also provides a installer that configures VirtualBox machines properly for Maemo SDK VMs. If you want more information about it, see instructions here.

Then, you can start your virtual machine.

Development targets
On both virtual images, the targets for the Maemo 4.1 platform are DIABLO_X86 (i386) and DIABLO_ARMEL (arm). You can use the i386 target during most of the development phase, and then change to ARMEL when you decide to deploy or test your software in the device

The default target is DIABLO_X86, but you can change environments calling the sb-menu utility, going in the Select option, and choosing the environment.

If you switch between X86 and ARM targets, remember to stop and restart the environment with af-sb-init.sh stop and af-sb-init.sh start, respectively.

WARNING: For some reason af-sb-init.sh stop doesn't work on the ARMEL target, and before changing targets you need to call sb-menu select the killall option, and send a 9 signal to the processes running.

Updating development targets
If you want to update Maemo SDK environment, you need to update both Scratchbox and Maemo SDK development targets.

In order to update Scratchbox, execute the following commands inside your virtual machine

$ sudo apt-get install scratchbox-core scratchbox-libs

Remeber that sudo must be used to obtain superuser privilegies (see user account)

Then, install the newest version of Maemo SDK. Select the release you want to install. See instructions here.

Updating Maemo SDK Virtual Image

It is common that you want to update some or all of components of your Maemo SDK Virtual Image, such as IDE Integration components, enhancements-tools installers, Maemo programming environment and system packages. See the document that describes how you can update your Maemo SDK Virtual Image for more information.

How to use the Maemo SDK Virtual Image with ESbox

If you want to use the Maemo SDK Virtual Image with ESbox and use the IDE on a non-Linux operating system (Windows or OS X), see instructions to configure your environment properly.

Installing enhancing-performance tools

If you want to install enhancing-performance tools (GuestAdditions for VirtualBox users, OpenVMTools for VMWare Player users and OfficialVMTools for VMWare Workstation users), you can install them on your virtual machine by using the scripts available on them.

Check the following instructions to install GuestAdditions or OpenVMTools on your virtual machine:

Known issues
  • The images do not contain OpenVMTools or GuestAddition preinstalled or any other enhancing-performance tool. These tools are mostly used for enhancing graphics and network performance. You can use the available installers on virtual images to install OpenVMTools or GuestAdditions.
  • The images have performance drawback when used with QEMU. Usage of VMWare products (including VMPlayer) or VirtualBox to run this Maemo Virtual SDK Image is recommended for those developers who experience performance problems with QEMU.
  • The image have problems regarding to Scratchbox autoconf tools. If you want to use the image as programming environment on non-Linux hosts (as ESbox virtual image), you need to fix the problem.

    • In ESbox, in Window > Preferences > Maemo > Installed Targets page, right-click an SDK or target and select "Patch autoconf..." to apply this patch.
  • VirtualBox support is initial. Some problems may occur (networking and localization). See how you can manually fix networking problems.
  • Scratchbox does not initialize resolv.conf properly. Such file defines DNS servers. Whenever Scratchbox is started, it copies /etc/resolv.conf from host PC BEFORE such file is created by NetworkManager. In order to solve this problem, restart Scratchbox using the following command line

    $ sudo /scratchbox/sbin/sbox_ctl restart

Current Version
23 Dec 2009
Maemo SDK Virtual Images, 1.0 final

This release provides 2 different virtual images with Maemo SDK installed: an image with Ubuntu Server Intrepid Ibex and an image with Ubuntu Desktop Intrepid Ibex.

Maemo Diablo Ubuntu Intrepid Server virtual SDK image

Maemo Diablo Ubuntu Intrepid Desktop virtual SDK image

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