Installation - GuestAdditions
NOTE: GuestAdditions installs a set of VirtualBox drivers. Therefore, your virtual machine with GuestAdditions installed is supposed to be used only with VirtualBox.

  • VirtualBox properly installed (see instructions here).
  • Maemo SDK virtual image with Ubuntu Intrepid (Server/Desktop) installed.
  • Maemo SDK virtual image properly configured on VirtualBox (see instructions here).
Maemo SDK Virtual Image with Ubuntu Desktop

1. Launch Maemo SDK virtual image.

2. On Desktop, click on GuestAdditions Installer launcher.

3. Read Nokia EULA license.

4. If GuestAdditions images cannot be found on your virtual image, we have to download it.

5. With GuestAdditions installer on your virtual image, you need to mount it.

6. GuestAdditions is properly installed on your machine. Restart your virtual image.

In order to check if GuestAdditions was properly installed on your virtual machine, verify if the screen resolution and other features are working properly (host/guest time synchronization, mouse pointer enhancements, improved video support, shared clipboard, etc.).

Maemo SDK Virtual Image with Ubuntu Server

1. Donwload and unzip installer for Maemo SDK Virtual Image with Server (see instructions here).
2. Start GuestAddition installer with the following command:

$ sudo <installer_file_name>.sh

3. Follow the instructions of OpenVMTools installation for Maemo SDK Virtual Image with Ubuntu Desktop starting from step #03.

For more information see the documentation, and any problems or ideas, subscribe to our mailinglist: maemovmware-users.

Current Version
23 Dec 2009
Maemo SDK Virtual Images, 1.0 final

This release provides 2 different virtual images with Maemo SDK installed: an image with Ubuntu Server Intrepid Ibex and an image with Ubuntu Desktop Intrepid Ibex.

Maemo Diablo Ubuntu Intrepid Server virtual SDK image

Maemo Diablo Ubuntu Intrepid Desktop virtual SDK image

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