• An tool to uncompress the zipped Maemo SDK Virtual Machine. We suggest you to use 7zip;
  • A player for your virtual machine. Check instructions to install them here. You can use one of the following options:
  • About 10G of free disk space
How to run:
  1. Download the Maemo SDK Virtual Image package (see the sidebar)
  2. Decompress the Maemo SDK Virtual Image package. We suggest you to use 7zip tool. For more instructions, see this documentation.
  3. Run (for more details, check instructions here).
  4. Login (user/password): maemo/maemo (see user account)

You can also run the virtual image on virtualization tools with graphical interface. For example, you can use VMWare graphical tools and double-clicking the maemosdk_*.vmx files (attached on Maemo SDK Virtual Image package).

For more information see the documentation, and any problems or ideas, subscribe to our mailinglist: maemovmware-users.

Current Version
23 Dec 2009
Maemo SDK Virtual Images, 1.0 final

This release provides 2 different virtual images with Maemo SDK installed: an image with Ubuntu Server Intrepid Ibex and an image with Ubuntu Desktop Intrepid Ibex.

Maemo Diablo Ubuntu Intrepid Server virtual SDK image

Maemo Diablo Ubuntu Intrepid Desktop virtual SDK image

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